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The Poker Online programming system is still taboo because many poker players don't understand that there are still many tricks to playing online poker apart from relying on luck alone. This article answers what players need to know about online poker programming and ways players can easily win on poker site

The biggest complaint we hear from players having bad days and stakes at Online Poker is that it is rigged. The fraudulent comments of players who don't understand the theory of poker are wrong, the online poker website does not cheat but bad hits that make players think they are cheated. However, the fact that the system in online poker uses codes generated by computers and combined with very sophisticated programming causes the credibility of online poker sites to be considered cheating.

Because computer programs can be easily changed by computer experts or programmers, and it is obvious that players don't know or understand the secrets of the poker code and programming used by online poker websites, this is also what can make players think that online poker sites are cheating. Although some players argue that online poker sites poker sites are willing to take the risk of losing their customers because they reveal that they have cheated in the game, the fact that needs to be underlined is that trusted online poker sites get a profit from a margin.

The obligation and responsibility of the official online poker site is to take care of the game so that players can start the game and make decisions in the game. Only, because these sites have installed software or software for detection and additional poker programming so that the game looks like in real life or as real as possible, so that the game looks interesting. For example, when the game is in progress, when the cards are shuffled, it is impossible for players to know what cards will get and who will win the game.

In online poker, the installation of poker programming or algorithms used is to prevent players from playing teams and cheating that can harm other players. Surely conversations feel cheated will always happen, even though playing and bad hits during the game of poker all players will experience it even in real life, but nevertheless, it all has not been proven in fact.

It is obvious, that every expert programmer has the skills to change the statistics in poker games to a more advanced level, the Pseudo random number genereator has the ability to remotely create simulations that are different from real life. If you are a fan of the poker game, it is very important that you know how poker programming works so that it can be an advantage for you as a poker fan. Because if you don't know it, players can only hope from the mercy of computer programs, trusted poker agent program experts and pure victory in order to win the bet in the online poker game.

One of the most skilled and professional poker players on several online poker websites is Paul Westin, he is also a former software expert at a gaming company.

Pual Westin in his latest research on online poker programming or coding algorithms managed to reveal that how the online poker website works and how the software or software used by poker sites greatly affects the results of the players' play on the site

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